Sports Betting For Massachusetts Residents

Most of New England can enjoy easy access to sports gambling, and Massachusetts is no different in 2022. Sports betting for Massachusetts residents can happen through the use of international online betting sites. With bookmakers offering the latest odds on the New England Patriots, thousands of residents use the betting sites every year. Lawmakers from Massachusetts are supportive of a regulated sports betting market, even signed legislation to add a market locally.

Best Massachusetts Sports Betting Sites - 100% Trusted + Safe
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BetOnline Sportsbook50% Up To $1,000 VISA, Bitcoin, Cash Wire
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Bovada - Betting Odds On All Major Sports World Wide

Bovada SportsbookMassachusetts has a long and intriguing history when it comes to competitive games, with Boston being home to the Red Sox and the Celtics. We imagine that if you are reading this page, then you have some interest in the world of sports. If so, you owe it to yourself to check out Bovada, one of the most famous and most popular sites to get into the sports wagering action.

From their humble beginnings during the early years of the internet to being the best sportsbook of today, Bovada has always shown a professionalism and dedication to sports betting that few other sites can hope to achieve. Bovada is here to make sure you can get the most out of your sports betting experience.

Massachusetts is home to some of the most passionate sports fans in the US and we know that if you are one of them, then you only want to use the best sportsbook that is available. Bovada is that sportsbook. You will find everything from baseball to snooker, and even entertainment and political odds. This is the pinnacle of a professional sportsbook, for professional fans. New MA members who sign up now can even get a 50% welcome bonus for up to $250 when they make their first deposit on their account.

MyBookie - Enjoy Online Sports Betting, Poker, And More

MyBookie SportsbookWith all the online sportsbooks available, MyBookie has to be one of the better online sports betting sites up there for players. This online sportsbook gives you multiple betting options and makes it very hard to lose money. There are always different odds up that are in favor of the player. These different betting options vary from who is going to win the Super Bowl to who is going to win the Election. There are many options that players can place their wagers on which only means money can be made. Many sporting events are always going on and MyBookie is always prepared with plenty of different bets up for those who interested in making some money. This is a sure way to find a way to earn cash no only on sporting events but also other events like the election and other things. MyBookie gives you the option to bet on anything.

Promotions are another thing this online sportsbook deems as very important. Different promotions are there for both current players and new incoming players. Many promotions like the welcome bonus only help bring in more players to MyBookie. If that isn’t enough, having the option to use your mobile device to place bets is always huge when it comes to those bettors who are always on the go. Being able to access your MyBookie account while on your phone is what players need! With different player props and team props, live betting is also an amazing betting option that MyBookie has for its players. All you have to be to sign up today is 18 and older. Once you sign up, be prepared for your bankroll to increase!

SportsBetting - Place Bets On All New England Sports

SportsBetting SportsbookThe Bay State is ahead of the curve when it comes to forward thinking. It is no wonder that thousands of Massachusetts sports fans use SportsBetting every day to make money on their favorite teams. These are people that know when they have stumbled upon a great deal. Compared to sportsbooks they might find in Plainville, SportsBetting has everything that a sports bettor needs.

Not only is SportsBetting a recognized champion in the sports wagering industry, but it is also free to sign up for as long as you are over 18. SportsBetting complies with local laws and luckily, the laws in Massachusetts say you also have to be 21 to start gambling, but the casino age is 21. You might want to wait until you are 21 because of this. When you create your account at SportsBetting, don’t forget to check out the promotions page. The sportsbook has a 100% cryptocurrency bonus that will match your first deposit by up to $1000 when you use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, or Litecoin. Just use the code 100CRYPTO to redeem the offer.

If using a credit card or any other payment method, you can also claim a different 50% Welcome Bonus which will match your deposit by up to $1,000 with code SB1000. We suggest that you first deposit money using a method that is not crypto and your second deposit should be cryptocurrency. That way, you can claim both bonuses and get the most out of your deposits!

BetOnline - Mobile Betting App For Sports And Casino

BetOnline SportsbookIf you are in one of the sportsbooks in Worcester and you are wondering if there is a place with better odds than you are being provided, then BetOnline has you covered. Not only does BetOnline let residents from the state wager on their favorite sports, but they can also get into horse racing betting in Massachusetts as well.

Want more? How about this: signing up is free as long as you are over 18. Although we do suggest you wait until you are 21 because you need to be 21 to gamble at casinos. Even though that was the case, we were just as excited when we found out about online sportsbooks in the USA, and now we use them every day. BetOnline isn’t just any old sportsbook, however. It is an executive-level business with a virtual casino, poker, horse racing, and everything else that is betting related. The options are nearly endless on BetOnline.

The BetOnline sportsbook is definitely the best part though, and you will find leading odds on all professional, semi-professional, college, and amateur leagues, teams, and events. You can even access your account with your tablet, iPhone, or another mobile device. This means you can have a world-class sportsbook on you at all times.

XBet Review - Online Casino Aside From Your Sportsbook

XBet SportsbookXbet is a great online sportsbook that many bettors look to use at many moments. The great thing about XBet that sticks out is the promotions they have for their new and current customers. These promotions and bonuses bring in a lot of new customers and also bring back the currents. In fact, when referring your friend to join, there is also a major bonus for that as well. All games are up for betting options and most of the time there are different betting lines up to where players can choose which they would prefer to place their money on. Upsets happen all the time and this is where Xbet users can cash in big. Anything can happen in sports so placing big wagers on Xbet can result in a big win and that option is given.

Deposit options are simple as well when you can deposit person to person or using a bank card. Every sport you can think of is on Xbet. Money line and spreads stick out as they can switch daily as well when it comes to different games and sometimes this all depends on the news of a team that breaks out during the day. With Xbet updating their betting lines every day or soon as news comes out, these lines couldn't be more favorable. So make sure you take the time to create your account whether its only your laptop or on your phone. It will only take a few minutes and free money will be given soon as you are a member!

Massachusetts Betting On Super Bowl LVII

The Super Bowl 57 betting odds in Massachusetts are extremely close with the Philadelphia Eagles just a 1.5-point favorite going into the game over the Kansas City Chiefs. This is the tenth meeting all-time between the Eagles and Chiefs and the series is close as well with the Chiefs leading just 5-4. This season though, both teams have a similar winning margin despite their differences against the spread with the Eagles leading at a +9.9 point margin while the Chiefs aren't far behind at +7.2 points.
Bovada Super Bowl 57 Betting

App-Based Sports Betting In Massachusetts

Mobile Sports BettingMany of the online sportsbooks have mobile betting sites, which are simply versions of their normal sites that are optimized for mobile use. To get to them, all you have to do is use your internet browser on your mobile device. Bettors could visit a nearby state with online betting, but all wagers would have to be placed within that state’s lines, causing a major issue for common gamblers.

Legal College Football Betting

Our recommended sports betting sites are your one-stop-shops when it comes to legal college football betting as well. Whether you want betting odds for Boston College (who is always primed to be a dark horse in the ACC) or cheer on the Harvard Crimson (whose history in and impact on intercollegiate football is unmatched in the rest of the country), the best Massachusetts sports betting sites. Most often, you’re going to get better odds and you will end up winning more money by using Massachusetts sportsbooks when local MA teams are taking the field.

Fastest Online Sportsbook Deposit Methods For Massachusetts Residents

There are a number of ways to fund your offshore sports betting accounts. However, the fastest online sportsbook deposit methods for Massachusetts residents are to use credit cards, debit cards, or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. All of these options process pretty much instantly, allowing you to place your wagers the same day you sign up.

Online sportsbooks also allow other deposit methods, from cashier’s checks and money orders to bank wire transfers and the like. However, these can take 7-14 days to clear and show up in your account, so these are best for high rollers who don’t need to wager right away. If a game you want to bet on is happening later in the day, using cryptocurrencies would be the best method for you to use.

Best Online Sportsbook Payout Options For Massachusetts Residents

The best online sportsbook payout options for Massachusetts residents depend upon your personal needs. If you wish to get your money ASAP from your wagering on the New England Patriots, you will need to use Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. An added benefit to using crypto for your MA sportsbook payouts is the fact that crypto transfers don’t carry any added processing fees, and they have high limits. They also have the lowest limits so new bettors don’t have to be forced into making heavy-handed wagers for MLB betting in Massachusetts.

For those without cryptocurrency accounts, MA sportsbook withdrawals can be handled via courier check, money order, or bank transfer. These carry high limits, which is good, but as with deposits, these withdrawal types can take up to two weeks before you’ll actually get any of your winnings in your hands.

Mobile Massachusetts Sports Betting Apps

In this day and age, everyone expects an iPhone app or Android app for pretty much everything. Yet there are no official apps for any of Massachusetts’ top online sportsbooks. Nonetheless, mobile Massachusetts sports betting is available from all of the top books, as they’ve each gone the extra mile to put together streamlined, mobile-optimized web portals to make betting on Boston College on the go easier than ever. All you have to do is access these online sportsbooks using your mobile device to be sent to their mobile-friendly pages. With any mobile device and a data connection, you will get updated lines, the freshest odds, and even access to live, in-game sports betting at all your favorite online bookmakers.

Live In-Game Sports Betting At Massachusetts Books

Live, in-game sports betting at Massachusetts books is a dream come true for true gambling fans in the region. Unlike traditional sports wagering, live betting (aka in-game betting) allows MA bettors to place their wagers during the games themselves. You can bet on several things such as if the next pass will be incomplete or not or who will score next in the game. Betting on your favorite sports and betting on Massachusetts horse races live with online sportsbooks offers access to real-time odds.

Because Internet access is so commonly available, sportsbooks now offer live betting to all their members, posting live-updating odds and shifting lines in real-time as you watch the games themselves. Just remember: Because live betting uses dynamic, always-changing odds when you see a line you like, you need to act immediately or you run the risk of missing out on a big payday. Live betting offers more opportunities to win cash and it is one of the most exciting ways you can get into the action.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Massachusetts?

Sponsored sportsbooks have been instituted in Massachusetts by Governor Charlie Baker in August 2022. Still, there are still legal ways to bet on sports in Massachusetts by using online sports gambling sites. These sites allow you to bet on sports on the Internet without the fear of being arrested or indicted. There are no laws that would have you arrested for sports betting in the Bay State.

Massachusetts Sports Betting & Gambling Laws

In Massachusetts, federal laws used to be the main situation for local sports gambling laws. Now, sports betting in Massachusetts allows for its own industry as well as online markets. After Governor Charlie Baker signed MA Bill H.5164, rules and regulations were able to be formed locally. The biggest difference between using a local book and an online sportsbook will be the focus of college sports betting. Online sportsbooks do not have any restrictions while Massachusetts based sportsbooks do not allow for betting on Mass college teams... unless they are in a postseason tournament.

Legal Gambling Age For Massachusetts Residents

Participating in online sportsbooks accepting USA players requires that you be of a certain age. Having done our research, we can tell you that this age limit is 18, which is the minimum age you must be to sign up for and wager at books like Bovada and SportsBetting and other service providers. But online sportsbooks comply with local laws on this factor and the Massachusetts sports betting age is 21. We suggest you wait until you are 21 for online sportsbooks as well.

Land Based Gambling In Massachusetts

Land-based gambling in Massachusetts is a growing industry. Several locations for gaming have been authorized, with slot games being the most prevalent. While there are these limited forms of gambling, there are not yet any betting locations for sports. You will have to stick to the Internet if you want to wager on sports, as this is your only option for doing so (for the time being).

All that said, Massachusetts is home to one of the most expensive development projects in recent years when it comes to Encore Boston Harbor. The casino, located in Everett, MA., features over 3,000 slot machines, over 100 table games, as well as 88 poker tables. If you’d rather get out of the state, given that Massachusetts is so close to Connecticut, MA residents can always hoof it to the Mohegan Sun and the Foxwoods Resort Casino to enjoy the full gamut of high-roller slots, table games, and high-stakes, Vegas-style poker.

Which Cities In Massachusetts Will Have A Sportsbook?

There are a few cities that will likely be home to some of the best sportsbooks in Massachusetts. Springfield sportsbooks should definitely be on your radar as the city already has MGM Springfield available. The $950 million resort casino features all types of gaming, including table games and slots. MGM operates several sportsbooks in Vegas, and their Springfield location will surely follow the same model. If MGM offers the same style of sports betting they do in Vegas, this sportsbook will be the premiere sportsbook in Massachusetts. Plainville sportsbooks may start to launch within the next few years. Plainridge Park Casino is a harness racetrack and casino that has been open for decades. The racino currently only offers slots and electronic table games, but adding the option to bet on sports would create an even more exciting betting experience.

You can also keep an eye out for Worcester sportsbooks as well. Taunton sportsbooks may also be an option as Project First Light Resort & Casino was recently awarded a casino license and could eventually apply for a sports wagering certificate. Taunton is roughly 35 miles south of Boston. There are a few other venues that may one day open and offer sports betting on their premises, including a tribal casino on the famed Martha’s Vineyard. And, of course, MA residents may someday be able to wager at Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Resort casinos, which are both just over an hour’s drive from the heart of Boston, making them Boston sportsbooks.

FAQ About Online Sports Betting In Massachusetts

1) Is Bovada legal in Massachusetts?

Yes. Massachusetts residents can safely and legally play through Bovada's sportsbook, casino, and poker room.

2) Do I have to pay anything to join these sportsbooks?

No. It is free to join, but you do have to deposit money into your account in order to actually bet.

3) Are Massachusetts gambling laws hosted online?

Yes. You can find all of MA’s gambling laws here.

4) Are credit cards functional for deposits into these betting sites?

Yes. You can easily deposit into your gambling site with a credit card or debit card.

5) What happens if my credit card is rejected?

You will sometimes encounter this due to banking restrictions. You can try to deposit again at a later time or call customer service, as they can sometimes use a different payment processor. Another alternative is to try another funding method, such as Bitcoin or other altcoins, which are 100% reliable.

6) I have heard that some sportsbooks impose low betting limits to successful winners, is this true?

Some sportsbooks do limit bets to certain players, but we have never heard of it through our preferred betting sites. That just another reason why you should only wager at our suggested online offshore sportsbooks because they are reliable, well-respected sportsbooks.

7) Has anyone in Massachusetts ever been arrested for gambling online?

No. We have not seen any record of anyone being arrested for online sports betting in Massachusetts. The chances of you being arrested for sports betting is extremely unlikely.