Local Mass. Businesses Hope To Hold Onto Sports Betting Revenue

Local Mass. Businesses Hope To Hold Onto Sports Betting RevenueBOSTON - Local business owners in Massachusetts have now come together in order to push for any new sports betting legislation to include them.

The group is known as Fair Play Massachusetts and they are currently in the process of gaining support for their idea. Ryan McCollum, the spokesman of Fair Play MA, believes that with their efforts they could help to keep sports wagering revenues in-state.

“We are confident that if the Legislature, the Treasurer and the Governor really listen to our arguments then they will agree, and they are capable enough to get together and flesh out the details on how our idea would fit into whatever the final piece of legislation may be.”

Several bills were filed last month in both the state house and the Senate, but none have been officially passed. With neighboring states having already legalized the activity, the pressure is on MA lawmakers to try and keep up. The Chicopee based group will have to move even faster to get in on the action.

Who Is Currently In Line To Accept Sports Wagers In MA?

Re-elected Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, announced via Twitter his support to expand the state’s gaming laws to include gambling on sports. Although, under his proposed legislation, the only places that would be allowed to host sportsbooks would be establishments that already have a casino license.

Those gaming facilities would then have the option to contract that section of their building off to sportsbook operators such as William Hill, FanDuel, or DraftKings. Those same casinos could then either partner with the same operator or a different one to offer state-wide mobile betting.

The Fair Play Massachusetts group is not opposed to having casinos offer sports betting in Massachusetts. Their intention is to simply be included with them.

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