Plainville Sportsbooks

Although there the Plainville sportsbooks are not even opened yet, Boston and Plainville locals are very excited about the future prospects of it. Residents of Plainville have long been able to bet on popular New England sports teams by using offshore sports betting sites. While these online sportsbooks are still reliable and offer plenty of sports betting action, being able to visit the best Plainville sportsbooks is exciting for locals. After all, who wouldn’t want to grab a drink at a casino with their buddy while they watch their sports bet play out? Currently, gambling in the city consists of traditional casino games.

Patrons can visit the local casino to play slot machines and electronic blackjack, roulette, poker, and craps. It has never before been an option to walk into a nearby Plainville sportsbook and put $100 on the Patriots to win the Super Bowl, or 50 bucks on the Boston Celtics to make it to the Final Four. But that could soon change if lawmakers pass the bills currently being considered to legalize land-based sports betting. Sportsbooks in Plainville will give bettors an experience like never before, and we can help residents prepare for what they might offer.

You are here to find out more on Plainville sportsbooks and we can give you the details you want. First and foremost, we will fill you in on the current legal status of sports betting in Plainville, Massachusetts. Learn more about recent changes in the industry and how old you will need to be to bet on sports in Plainville. After you have read all of that information and you are ready to place your sports bet, we will review the potential sportsbooks in Plainville. When land-based sports gambling becomes legal in Massachusetts and when new venues pop up in Plainville, we will update these reviews accordingly.

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Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Plainville, Massachusetts?

While we did say that Plainville sportsbooks are on their way, sports betting has not been formally legalized in Massachusetts. That is why our opinions of the best sportsbooks in Plainville are still speculative at this point, but still worth taking into consideration. Until lawmakers pass the bills they are currently debating on, land-based sports betting is not allowed. The reason why the state had not legalized sports betting up to this point was because of federal restrictions.

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) was a federal law that prohibited sports betting in nearly every state, with the exception of Nevada, Delaware, Montana, and Oregon. These states had legalized sports wagering prior to the passage of the law, though NV was the only state that offered commercial sports betting. The reason for that is because the other three states only had partial laws passed. PASPA prevented them from further expanding on existing laws so they could not offer what Nevada could. That is why Vegas is considered the gambling mecca of the US, while other states are limited to traditional casino table games and slots.

All this changed when the Supreme Court ruled in the New Jersey sports betting case. In Murphy vs. NCAA, the NCAA and other sports leagues sued the New Jersey after several attempts to legalize sports betting. While the lower courts ruled in favor of the leagues, New Jersey was eventually able to have their case appealed by the U.S. Supreme Court. The state argued that PASPA itself was unconstitutional, as it infringed upon the individual rights of the states. The Supreme Court agreed, ruling 7-2 that the federal ban violated the Tenth Amendment. In striking down the law, it opened the door for widespread sports betting regulation across the nation. Many states have moved forward and legalized land-based sports betting and an even greater number have bills prepared to follow suit. Massachusetts is one of those states who have bills aiming to legalize sports betting.

Now, Plainville sportsbooks can become a reality as soon as the state legalizes sports betting. Lawmakers will have to determine licensure requirements, taxes, fees, etc in order to properly regulate the market. The state already has plenty of sports betting bills up for consideration including MA HB 378 and MA HB 377, and it would regulate both online and land-based sports betting. It is only a matter of time before sports fans can walk into a local Plainville sportsbook and place bets. To prepare you for that future, this page will help you out.

What Is The Betting Age In Plainville, Massachusetts?

The legal betting age in Plainville, Massachusetts is 21-years-old and up. The legal gambling age was determined by the Massachusetts Legislature, which is why the age applies to all types of gambling – not just Plainville sportsbooks. Whether you are visiting the casino to play slots or want to bet on the Boston Red Sox, you will need to be at least 21. The only type of betting that is legal at a younger age is horse racing betting. You only need to be 18 to bet the ponies at local racetracks. Although online offshore sportsbooks begin taking customers when they turn 18, we suggest you wait until you are 21. As we mentioned, you have to be 21 to do bet at the casino and the same will be applied to sports betting because sportsbooks are likely to be placed at casinos. Sportsbooks do not allow for underage gambling so it’s better just to not risk it.

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Best Sportsbooks In Plainville, Massachusetts

The best sportsbooks that are available are online sportsbooks. These sites for sports betting in Massachusetts are easy to use and they make it easier when you have great banking options. You also have different promotions that are there for new and current users. The age requirement in order for you to sign up is 18 and older. This is great for all residents who can’t go to a local sportsbook in Plainville or Massachusetts in general.

Plainridge Park Casino

Plainridge Park CasinoPlainridge Park Casino was first opened on June 24, 2015, housing a 106,000-square-foot casino floor. While the sportsbook at Plainridge Park has yet to be announced, it will likely open shortly after sports betting is legalized in MA. There is no way this casino is going to miss getting out on the sports gaming action. Sports fans will be able to have a seat in the betting lounge and wager on teams like the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins. Once we get an ETA on the launch of the Plainridge Park Sportsbook, our review will be updated accordingly.

When you visit the Plainridge Park Casino, there will be no shortage of gaming action. The casino has 1,250 of the hottest slots, with reel, digital, and progressive machines. You can play penny slots or play any of the $100 slot machines. There is a designated area for high rollers, with machines ranging from 25 cents to $100. Plainridge does not offer live table games, but there are quite a few electronic options. You can play action-packed blackjack, craps, or roulette thanks to these electronic gaming machines.

Plainridge Park originally opened as harness racing track back in 1999. Live harness racing takes places from April through November, but patrons can wager on simulcast races from tracks all over the nation. Just check the racing calendar for live events and the simulcast schedule for daily wagering. If there is a big race that is coming up and you want to bet on it, you can be sure that the Plainridge Park Casino will have you covered.

Aside from gaming and horse betting, Plainridge Park offers a few options for entertainment. The Revolution Lounge keeps the drinks flowing with plenty of live bands. The Loft is another location to visit for entertainment, with comedians, hypnotists, and other acts taking the stage throughout the month.

As we mentioned earlier, the Plainridge Sportsbook is not open at this time but is slated to open in the future. When land-based sportsbooks become legalized in the state, the venue will likely undergo other renovations as well. We will keep you updated on the new features and offerings that Plainridge will have to offer as soon as we hear about it.