Boston Celtics Road To The NBA Finals: Round 1 vs. Chicago

Boston Celtics Road To The NBA FinalsThe regular season has come to a close, and the NBA playoffs are finally upon us. In the Eastern Conference, the Boston Celtics clinched the 1-seed, earning home court advantage. Do they have what it takes to make it through to the Finals? That's a question that everyone who's interested in sports betting in Massachusetts has been asking. For many the Celtics have paid out many times and it's hard for die hard fans to not have some sense of confidence.

Finishing the season with a 53-29 record, the Celtics easily clinched the number one spot. The Celtics’ road to the Finals begins with a round one matchup against the 8-seed Chicago Bulls. Through the regular season, the two teams traded wins back and forth, meeting four times and going 2-2 to close out the year. The last matchup featured the Celtics absolutely dominating Chicago in a 100-80 win. Dwayne Wade was minus 37 in 26 minutes, and at one point, Boston was up by 29 points.

With a previous meeting like that, it should spell an easy 4-game sweep for Boston in the first round of the playoffs, right? Not so much. The Bulls have something that this Celtics starting lineup does not – playoff experience. This group of veterans that Chicago has put together feature former Celtics guard Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade, who have four NBA Championships between them. Those two combined with the offensive and defensive power of Jimmy Butler could spell trouble for this young Celtics team.

As a whole, the Celtics don’t have very much playoff experience. The last two years saw them knocked out in the first round. But this year they have a team that works well together and has by far been the most dominant in the Eastern Conference. They’re not letting this get to their heads, though. When asked about the upcoming series, Isaiah Thomas said “They’re the eight seed but they’re better than what seed they are. They’re a really good team, especially with Dwyane Wade back. So we have to be ready for them.”

The rest of the team echoed his sentiments, stating that they knew how tough Chicago played but that they were ready for them. While Thomas will assuredly have incredible stats in this series, don’t forget about the talent behind him. Avery Bradley and Al Horford are highly adept players for this Boston team. Look to Jae Crowder to have a better showing in the postseason than he did in the regular season, as well. He might not be the flashiest name on Boston’s lineup, but he’ll definitely provide that x-factor the Celtics need to propel them past the first round.

What Are The Boston Celtics’ NBA Finals Odds?

BetOnline SportsbookMassachusetts residents and Celtics loyalists alike looking to bet on the Boston team can head to any online sportsbook right now to find the Boston Celtics’ NBA Finals betting odds. They’re currently holding steady at about +1600. If this seems off for a 1-seed, remember that betting odds don’t reflect the actual chance to win. They’re influenced by public opinion, and clearly, the oddsmakers want to see some proof that this team can make it past the first round before giving them better odds.

Don’t let what other people think affect your wagers, though. If you think they have what it takes to make it all the way through, place those bets today. Once they make it to the next round their odds are sure to come down drastically, so betting on the Boston Celtics when their odds are +1600 will yield a much higher payout.

While the contest will be anything but easy, Boston should be able to wrap up the series in five or six games. The Celtics have a better, albeit less experienced, group of starters and a better coach. They also have a better record as the home team, so all in all, 2017 should be the year that breaks the Celtics’ streak of floundering in the first round of the NBA playoffs. If they do advance, the Celtics will take on the winner of the 3-4 match, either the Wizards or the Hawks.

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